The Elements story

Elements started life in 2007 as DigiMobJobs. Early into our life, we started working with a small Scandinavian company called Skype and, shortly after that, with another one called Spotify. In the years since then, we have grown and developed our model alongside them and other high-growth tech companies. Today we’re a burgeoning team working out of offices in Camden, North London.

In 2016 we changed our name to Elements to better reflect our ethos and the way we work with our partners. Every high-achieving company knows that a great team is more than the sum of its parts. This is precisely the philosophy we espouse in the partnerships we build.

Experts in our domain

The companies that we’ve partnered with have had a profound impact on what kind of company we have become. We’ve become specialists in tech, product & design. Working with some of the leading technology companies in the world, we have developed an intimate knowledge of the substance of their work and the culture that is so distinct and precious to them.

And we’ve become experts at sourcing in international passive candidate markets. Our partners are in a battle for the world’s best tech, product and design talent. These candidates are unlikely to be applying for a job with them - or even actively looking. Hiring them requires an intimate understanding of these candidates, where they hang out, what motivates them and how to access them.

Partnership model

Most recruitment companies work non-exclusively and are paid only on success. This does not motivate them to invest resource in a thorough and thoughtful search. The result is usually a large volume of substandard candidates and a huge work burden on the hiring company to filter through them.

At Elements, we turn this broken recruitment model on its head. In every engagement, we commit the resource necessary to generate a shortlist of outstanding passive candidates, all of whom have been thoroughly pitched and screened. And where our partners are hiring at scale, we embed our people in their TA function, turbo-charging their own efforts and reducing what they spend on external agencies by 50%.

The Elements culture

We apply the same rigour to our own team as we do to our client engagements. We hire smart people, train them hard and incentivise them to collaborate to achieve the best results for our partners. Our people come from a diverse range of backgrounds, and cover the full range of specialist disciplines within tech, product, design and marketing.

When we recruit for ourselves, we look for a hunger to grow and develop, a proactive working style and unrelenting excellence in delivery. The result is a tight-knit, collaborative team which, like those of the focused, rapid-growth companies we work with, is far greater than the sum of its elements.

Meet our senior team

Jess Dampa

Head of HR

Daniel Goldstein


Luke Davis

Head of Growth

Charles Yiend

Account Lead

Christine Cheung

Account Lead

Graeme Johnstone

Account Lead

John O'Sullivan


Mark Lee

Strategy Advisor

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