increase in hires in 6 months

Creation of hiring committees

to standardise hiring thinking and ensure a consistent candidate experience


We helped the music streaming decacorn to implement a streamlined hiring process across the organisation – with spectacular results.


Spotify had extremely aggressive hiring targets across the whole engineering, product and design. After the first 6 months of the year, they were falling well short of target. Hiring managers were responsible for running their own process and there was little collaboration between different business units. The result was an inconsistent and fragmented candidate experience and a large duplication of effort. It was highly unlikely that the organisation would hit its target for the year without a dramatic change of approach.


We worked with the internal recruitment team to define a consistent hiring process and candidate experience across the group. We got buy-in from senior management for this new process, and we engaged all stakeholders to manage the change internally. We simplified the interview process to three key stages and made the internal recruitment team responsible for the first two stages, across all business units. We established hiring committees for each area and chaired weekly meetings of each committee, where attendance was mandatory for any hiring manager with an open requisition.


In the 6 months following the implementation of these changes, Spotify made 300% more hires than they had in the previous 6 months – bringing them back in line with their annual hiring targets. The simplified interview process removed bottlenecks and created a vastly improved candidate experience. The regular hiring committee meetings gave hiring managers a chance to sense-check their thinking – and to share information with other areas of the organisation. The new hiring process was rolled out company-wide and that and the hiring committees remain in place today.


“As a hiring partner, Elements is a huge asset to our business. They are tenacious, persistent, quality-driven and never fail to deliver. They don’t take themselves too seriously and have a firm grasp of the cultural nuances within the tech world. I would not hesitate in recommending their services to anyone looking for a professional, knowledgeable, friendly and customer-focused consultancy.”

- Oskar Stal, CTO